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Hair Salon Business Coaching

Running any business can be challenging.

“As a hairdresser, I know how the pressure can be immense.

In addition to styling hair, you need to keep your business running with ease and keep your customers and employees happy.

That is why I have created Hair Angel Coaching. To help Salon Owners like you get back to your WHY and run the salon of your dreams.” Deb.

Sydney Hairdresser Deb Bradshaw of Balmain Rozelle salon Hair Angel offers business coaching mentorship for studio owners

Just because you are a talented hairdresser does not mean that you necessarily have all the requisite skills to cope with all of the moving and evolving parts to create and maintain a successful business.

​Hair Angel Coaching is unique because in addition to being a Coach, I am also a hairdresser and salon owner in a boutique salon located in Sydney, Australia.

Believe me, I completely understand the unique challenges you face on a daily basis.

Because of this, I offer a wide range of services at various price-points designed to take the pressure off you and help you show up as the best salon owner that you can be.

Here is a sample of my coaching in a clip from the Hair Angel YouTube channel.

Clip Title: Do you remember what it’s like to be a Salon Client?

During your complimentary consultation we will break down all aspects of your business to identify your problem areas. Afterwards, I will share with you my personal recommendations as to how I can help best access the aspects on offer which I believe will best benefit you.

Once we decide on the package that best suits you, I will visit your salon for an initial walk through to observe your environment, your staff, and your clientele.

The bottom line for your business is making more money so every single thing I do is put in place to help you achieve this.

I promise to help you get the results you want and get them as quickly as possible.

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Sydney hairdressers Deb Bradshaw and Tearne with client; hair stylists at the Balmain hairdressing salon, Hair Angel; former location in Rozelle; specialists in precision haircuts styling colour correction balayage treatments.
Australian hairdressers Tearne and Deb Bradshaw and client; stylists at the hairdressing salon Hair Angel; Darling St Balmain; previous location of Rozelle, inner west Sydney.
Australian hairdresser Deborah Bradshaw with client; blonde hair colourist specialist, stylist, proprietor of Balmain hairdressing salon Hair Angel; Darling St; prior Rozelle location, inner west Sydney, NSW.

The Truth

Those moments when your business is not doing as well as you would like, is the time when you are most resistant to investing in help.

These are the most important times to invest in your business!

​A lot of salon owners say they can’t afford to spend money on getting the help they need. The truth is you cannot afford not to.

The only way to increase your clientele, increase their spend per head and ultimately increase your profits is to put your business in the hands of an expert.

The added bonus is that this is a business expense so it can be written off against your tax bill.

I have created a bespoke menu so if you want to start off small to get a taste of how I can help you just check out the menu below and pick the most important issue for your business right now.



Convert Calls into Clients:

I will provide you with easy steps to convert calls into appointments. You will be amazed at the very simple effective tips I can give you that will see your call conversion to appointment ratio increase. This means more clients walking through your door spending money.

Your Unique You:

I will help define you as a salon. See what your Unique Selling Points are and give you easy ways of marketing you, your salon and your staff to ensure you attract the clients that are right for you.

Time for Teamwork:

I will assess your staff on their strengths and weaknesses in a way that will help motivate them and you. I work with you and your staff in your salon so they are comfortable and give them the tools they are lacking to maximise the appointment with their client.

The New You:

I will help with simple, cost effective ways of revamping or updating your salon and creating a streamlined, methodical working space that creates a harmonious environment for staff and clientele alike.

Consultation is Key:

I will train you and your staff how to conduct the perfect consultation. One that instills total trust in your client that they are in good hands and also covers you and your staff to ensure the client has realistic expectations.


Whatever your needs, my 20+ years of expertise in business, customer service, hairdressing and interior styling will help you to take your business to the next level.

I’ve been there and understand how it feels from your point of view.

Because of this, I want to help you overcome your obstacles so you will become the most profitable, successful salon owner that you can be.

Australian Hair Angel salon staff: hairdressers Deb Bradshaw & Tearne; Darling St Balmain NSW; Hairdressers specialists stylists for best blonde balayage colourist treatments; inner west Sydney suburbs locations near me Glebe Rozelle Lilyfield Birchgrove Drummoyne

My Success is Measured by Your Success.

Ways I will help you to make more money at your salon:

1. How to get a phone inquiry to walk through your door and spend money.

2. How to ensure clients spend the most amount of money per visit.

3. How to ensure client loyalty.

4. How to get the most from your staff.

5. How to ensure staff loyalty.

6. How to get clients to re-book every time.

7. How to leverage your salon among your competition so clients come to you instead of them.

We can start off small together and as you see your profits increase then we can work together to push your salon to achieve its ultimate potential.


​Think you need more?

Check out our 90 Day Ultimate Salon Makeover Package.

The 3 payment plan options are listed on there.

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